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Exporters & Pharmaceutical Security

As an exporter of pharmaceuticals and other substances, security starts here. Safety is more important now than ever.

First things first: substances have to stay in the country. Controlled substances, even those dispensed with a prescription, can’t be delivered or shipped to those in another country. Those shipments and deliveries are prohibited.

For the storage of small quantities, in any category of substance, exporters should secure these materials in an Underwriters Lab (UL) listed burglary-resistant safe, with a Group 1-R lock or a Class 5 (V) rated security container. A Class 5 Safe will afford:

  • 30 man minutes against surreptitious entry
  • 10 man minutes against forced entry
  • 20 man hours against lock manipulation
  • 20 man hours against radiological attack

Furthermore, this safe or security container (if it weighs less than 750 lbs) should be bolted, strapped or secured to the floor or the wall until transport. Depending on the quantity and type of pharmaceutical being stored, an alarm system connected to police or other security agency is critical too.

Large quantities of CI&II Controlled Substances – those too large for storage in a safe – carry further regulations. Vaults are required, with UL-listed vault panels or at least eight inches of concrete or masonry plus sturdy, steel reinforcement. Just like their smaller counterparts, large quantities require an alarm system too.

Especially for exporters, operations may require frequent access. In that case, the vault door should have a self-closing and self-locking day gate. For large quantities of CIII-V Controlled substances, choose a building (or an area within a building) plus perimeter security, an electronic alarm system, steel cage storage set in concrete or masonry enclosures.

Safety is the ultimate goal for all parties in pharmaceutical operations. Exporters take all reasonable steps to ensure products are not mishandled or exposed to adverse storage conditions.


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